Unlock your best year yet: our top 5 resolutions

Opportunities for positive change and new habits abound throughout the year. However, there's a special resonance in this moment as we reflect on the past year and anticipate the possibilities of the year ahead. What would you like to leave behind in 2023, and what do you wish to carry forward? More importantly, what new endeavors can you undertake to cultivate an even brighter, healthier version of yourself? Studies reveal that resolutions focusing on additions to your life tend to be more impactful than those centered on eliminations. So, instead of telling yourself to banish the snooze button, perhaps try introducing a new sleep ritual or earlier bedtime instead?

Here, we list our top five resolutions for a happy, healthy year ahead. Followed by some tips for making them stick.

+ Build a good sleep habit

Research underscores the vital importance of humans obtaining 7–9 hours of sleep each night for optimal mental and physical function. Establishing a solid foundation of sleep is paramount for good health this year. Cultivating a consistent bedtime routine is a powerful strategy to prioritize sleep and overall wellness. Consider practical steps for this resolution, such as setting a nightly bedtime reminder and incorporating a relaxing activity like a warm shower or bedtime meditation; and upgrading your sleep setup with a silk sleep mask or pillow spray. Want to go all in? Discover our sleep ritual here.

+ Create a gratitude practice

Embracing gratitude has been shown to enhance mental health and overall well-being. Simply select three things you're thankful for—whether it's people, pets, possessions, conversations, memories, or moments—and either jot them down or verbalize them each morning. Carry this positivity with you throughout the day. To kickstart this practice, consider downloading the 5 Minute Journal app and following its prompts. We particularly appreciate the question, "What would make today great?" as it offers a tangible method to infuse each day with greatness in its own unique way.

+ Add something that brings you joy into every day

Building on your gratitude practice, commit to prioritizing (at least) one personal indulgence every day. Whether it's as simple as catching golden hour during your dog walk, exploring a new route to work weekly, sampling a different breakfast food each Sunday, or dedicating 10 minutes each morning to savor your coffee in your favorite chair... Create a list of options to choose from daily, and share your ideas with friends to sprinkle in some shared moments.

+ Introduce breathwork

Our breath is our essence – an undeniable truth. Yet, we often breathe unconsciously, overlooking its profound potential. Conscious breathwork offers numerous benefits, from fostering body awareness to quieting the mind and enhancing breath depth. It can invigorate your senses, induce sleep, alleviate stress, release pent-up emotions, promote circulation, and liberate your thoughts. While these claims may seem lofty, we encourage you to experience it firsthand. Start with a sleep practice by breathwork expert Anna Sillanpää. And then check out the work of Wim Hoff for something more active.

+ Cultivate healthier skin

Emerging from the depths of winter, our skin may appear lackluster or parched. Let this year mark a turning point for your skin, prioritizing a consistent skincare regimen and fundamental elements of skin health: hydration and sleep. Simple objectives to achieve this include monitoring your water intake to guarantee you're consuming two litres daily, and switching to a silk pillowcase. Incorporating silk into your sleep routine not only enhances your rest but also prevents skin creases, absorbs excess oils, and maintains skincare efficacy. Wake up to smoother, plumper, and more hydrated skin with silk's luxurious touch.

Unlock your best year yet: our top 5 resolutions

Tips for making them stick…

Set goals

Set out some actionable first steps – the idea is to make progress, no matter how small or simple, in order to build momentum and give you some reward as you go.

Be realistic

It's often said that a small change that endures is far superior to a grand one that fades away. When setting resolutions, prioritize those that feel within reach and sustainable. Consistency is the key to transforming an intention into a habit. Focus on making manageable adjustments that you genuinely believe you can uphold over time.

Tell someone

Speaking your goals aloud and sharing them with your circle can ignite the drive to pursue them diligently. Periodic updates with your trusted peers serve as checkpoints, ensuring you stay dedicated and responsible for your advancement.

Celebrate the wins – even the small ones

Embrace self-recognition and give yourself the credit you deserve. Celebrate your achievements and commend yourself for the hard work and positive transformations. By acknowledging your victories and progress, you'll find greater fulfillment, driving your desire for more successes and continuous growth.

Schedule an end-of-year reflection

While it may seem premature to contemplate the conclusion of 2024, setting aside a moment to reflect on your resolutions and appreciate their positive impact throughout the year provides a tangible goal to strive for—a symbolic finish line, if you will. This practice instills a sense of achievement, even if you persist with your newfound habits long into the future.

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