How to Manifest the Life You Want to Live

In the early stages of starting to manifest your desires, it's common for individuals to fixate on the aspects of their life they wish to avoid. This is because articulating what you don't want seems simpler than envisioning and embracing the realities you do wish for. To illustrate this concept more clearly, think of the universe as a personal server at a dining establishment.

Picture yourself seated in a diner, scanning through a menu. If you only highlight your dislikes to the server – stating you're not interested in hamburgers, hot dogs, or Caesar salads – and return the menu, you leave them in the dark about your actual preferences. Consequently, they might return with a modest bowl of soup, offering it as your meal. The likelihood is you'll find this outcome unsatisfying.

You would think, what is this? I didn't want soup. Well, you didn't tell us what you actually wanted, so we had to guess and bring you this. When the menu, especially the menu of life, is endless, there's so much possibility. So better thing to think about instead of trying to come up with very materialistic things, which you totally can.

Concentrate on the motivation behind your desires. You're seeking additional wealth. But why? Consider what you believe this wealth will provide. Is it a sense of security or perhaps the freedom you're truly seeking? When contemplating the manifestation of items like a luxury vehicle, ponder on what this acquisition is meant to represent. Does it symbolize success?

A sense of having made it? Delve into these emotions to uncover the real objectives of your manifestations. By honing in on these fundamental motivations, you may find yourself amazed by the vastness of what you can achieve.

Written and filmed by Melanie Whitney. 2022

Instagram @melaniewhitney_

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