How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever contemplated the origins of limiting beliefs? They stem from various sources—culture, the media we consume, echoes from our childhood homes, and experiences throughout adolescence. These beliefs, often not genuinely held convictions about ourselves, are instead narratives imposed by others.

As we cling to these beliefs, much of it unconscious, it's time to bring them into conscious awareness. These notions confine us, hindering our pursuit of goals and deterring us from taking risks. Challenge yourself to scrutinize them, approaching with compassion and curiosity. Grab a pen and paper, and jot down these internal voices—the limiting beliefs occupying space in your mind.

Whether it's doubts about your intelligence, creativity, or beauty, identify and acknowledge every limiting belief—whether imposed by others or adopted along the journey. Free up mental space by jotting them down on paper. Once you've compiled the list, engage in activities that nourish your soul, whether it's immersing yourself in nature or cherishing moments with loved ones—anything that ignites joy. Give yourself a day before revisiting the list. This time, approach it with empathy, as if those voices were vulnerable friends confiding their insecurities. Listen to their concerns, acknowledging their fears about creativity or success in their respective industries.

Listen to those inner voices as you would a cherished friend, for often, we extend more compassion, grace, and gentleness to others than we do to ourselves. Our self-criticism can be harsh. As you view that list through a lens of compassion, jot down responses that don't combat, but rather comfort those voices. If they assert you're not good enough, counter with reflections on your journey of growth and readiness for new challenges. Spend time holding space for these voices, reassuring them that you're there for them, listening.

Many of these voices are outdated or not even your own. It's time to release their hold and embrace the authentic, capable you—the complete self that is more than enough.

Written and filmed by Melanie Whitney, for Drowsy Sleep Co. 2022

Instagram @melaniewhitney_

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