Sleep Masks and Eye Care: Tips for Healthy Usage

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, sleep is usually one of the first casualties. With schedules packed to the brim and screens constantly requiring our attention, achieving a good night's rest can seem like a distant dream. This is where eye masks come into the frame, as humble yet mighty sleep accessories to help you achieve quality slumber.

However, like any tool, sleep masks must also be taken care of to reap their benefits. Whether you're an avid traveler, a shift worker, or simply someone who enjoys a peaceful shut-eye, maintaining your eye mask ensures it remains hygienic and effective. In this article, we'll share our top tips for proper usage for healthy and refreshed eyes every morning.


In case you didn't know, nothing beats the feeling of silk against the skin. Silk is one of those materials that make you feel like a million bucks but can also improve sleep quality. That's because, during sleep, friction develops between your delicate skin and the pillowcase, causing premature wrinkles and fine lines. Silk is delicate to the skin, doesn't irritate, and feels like a warm hug around the face.

Compared to other fabrics like cotton, silk is hypoallergenic and doesn't accumulate dust mites or mold. As a result, people with allergies or sensitive skin can fall asleep knowing they'll wake up without rushes or pimples. Moreover, silk offers a gentle and luxurious feeling that glides over the skin, compared to other fabric alternatives, which might feel abrasive and rough to keep on all night.

In addition to its health benefits, silk sleeping masks come in a variety of stunning colors to enhance your sleep quality further by turning your bedtime into a luxurious experience. Choose from our elegant Black Jade silk sleep mask that blocks out artificial light effectively, or opt for the calming Sunset Pink silk sleep mask to inspire dreams as soft as its hue. The Green Sapphire silk sleep mask offers a touch of nature's tranquility, while the White Akoya Pearl silk sleep mask adds a classic elegance to your night routine. For a touch of passion, the Red La Vie En Rouge silk sleep mask can make any night feel special. With these and more vibrant colors to discover, you're guaranteed to find the perfect sleep mask to help you achieve better sleep every night.


The last thing you want during sleep is an eye mask impeding blood circulation. Your sleep mask should perfectly balance snugness and comfort, fitting nicely to your face's curvature without unnecessary pressure. Fully adjustable hair straps are a must in that case to help you tailor your eye mask to your needs.

A well-fitted sleep mask should feel like a cocoon of comfort while staying secure throughout the night. Eye masks that get displaced during sleep can disrupt sleep continuity and cause unpleasantness. Selecting a sleep mask like Drowsy with a cloud-padding design and wrap-around skin construction can relax your eye area and alleviate tension.


When we sleep, the body produces oil, sweat, and dead skin cells. If your sleeping masks are left unwashed, you risk creating a breeding ground for bacteria. As time passes, dirt and dust might also settle on the sleeping mask, further aggravating the issue. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital for the hygiene and longevity of your sleep accessory.

Especially if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, keeping a clean eye mask will reduce the risk of infection by preventing the buildup of microorganisms. Plus, you'll reap the sleep mask benefits enjoying a beauty sleep every night. Nothing beats the feeling of gliding a fresh, fragrant eye mask on and immersing yourself in a better night's sleep.


Wearing an eye mask is only one part of the equation. While sleep masks can create optimal sleeping conditions, combining them with other hygiene practices is a must. For example, maintaining a regular sleep schedule aligned with your body's circadian rhythm can enhance sleep efficiency.

At the same time, creating a tranquil sleep environment in complete darkness without outside stimuli can help your body benefit from restorative sleep. Moreover, pairing your eye mask with earplugs can remove distractions. It's also recommended to use silk pillowcases to minimize friction and, therefore, wrinkles and premature fine lines.


For the best eye care routine, integrate your skincare regimen with a sleep mask to maximize the benefits of both. Before wearing your sleep mask, apply a lightweight eye cream or serum in the eye area to hydrate and rejuvenate your delicate skin. This helps your complexion stay nourished while you sleep peacefully.

When it's time to wear your silk eye mask, it won't absorb your skincare products thanks to its breathable materials. On the contrary, it'll create a hydrating barrier between the mask and your skin, eliminating dry eyes and leaving your eye creams where they belong — on your skin.


In conclusion, sleep masks can enhance the skin's natural glow and improve overall eye health. Falling asleep with eye masks provides a shield against light and promotes deep REM sleep for skin restoration and rejuvenation. So, as you slip into slumber, you're not only resting but also nurturing your skin and caring for your eyes.

Choosing the right sleep mask is paramount to restful sleep. With Drowsy's 22 momme mulberry silk sleep masks, you can pillow your eyes with the purest padded silk and enjoy the sensational feeling of switching off the world. With adjustable straps and a wrap-around-the-skin design, it provides a luxurious escape for weary eyes. Pick your favorite among 18 colors and enjoy uninterrupted beauty sleep every night!

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