Love your lashes: 6 care tips for the best lashes of your life

To celebrate the much-anticipated release of our Lash Cocoon™ sleep mask, we’ve got a list of care tips for long, healthy lashes. Boost, strengthen and protect your lashes, and let them flutter. 

Be gentle with your skincare 

Your eye area in general is more sensitive than the rest. So use hypoallergenic makeup and removers, and avoid anything too harsh. Same goes for your mascara. Waterproof mascara might be useful when the weather’s wet or your eyes are watery. But for everyday wear, easily washable mascara is much more gentle on your lashes. 

Remove your makeup 

We know, we know. It can be the last thing you want to do when your eyelids are already halfway closed. But when we sleep with mascara on, it dries out and clumps together, causing tangled lashes that pull against each other. This will cause you to lose a few extras – and that’s not the way to keep lashes full and fluttery. Remove your eye makeup gently – no rubbing your eyes, or pulling at your lashes.

Try a lash serum

There are many serums on the market these days that promote lash growth. We like the GrandeLash Serum. It uses an amino acid to strengthen the lashes, along with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to hydrate them and keep them healthy.

Condition them

As a natural alternative to a lash serum, coconut oil is a popular nightly treatment for healthy lashes. After cleansing, pat your lashes dry then apply coconut oil to them with a cotton bud. Leave overnight, and rinse off with water in the morning. Repeat each night and watch your lashes flourish.

Eat a balanced, lash-loving diet

What we put in is key to what happens on the outside. And certain vitamins and minerals, such as biotin, vitamins E and C, and omega-3 fatty acids are excellent for hair growth. And what’s good for healthy hair, will also be good for healthy lashes! 

Protect them against your pillow

You don’t want your sleeping self undoing your excellent lash care routine. Protect them overnight with our custom-moulded foam and mulberry silk Lash Cocoon™ sleep mask. For healthy lashes while you sleep.

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