A Guide to Washing and Caring for your Sleep Mask

What's the first thing you reach out for a rejuvenating slumber? You guessed it, it's your sleep mask. Your trusty bedside staple can help you reach deep REM sleep the moment you slide it on. However, there's one downside; if you don't learn how to clean it properly, you won't get the perks of the beauty sleep it promises.

Whether you're a shift worker, a frequent traveler, or just someone who enjoys a restful night's sleep, taking proper care of your silk eye mask can extend its lifespan. In this guide, we'll walk you through essential instructions to clean and maintain your sleep masks to enhance your zzz's. Let's dive in!


Cleaning your sleep masks is a matter of hygiene and longevity. When we sleep, our body produces natural oils and sweat, which might accumulate on the mask's surface and lead to a build-up of bacteria. As time passes and your mask is left unwashed, dirt and dust might also settle on it. The results? Skin irritation, allergies, pimples, and acne.

No matter what material you choose, unless you take care of your sleep mask hygiene, you'll be dealing with all kinds of issues. That's why thoroughly cleaning your sleep mask is a must. Plus, who doesn't love sliding on a freshly washed silk eye mask? We definitely do.


It all comes down to your sleep mask material. For example, cotton can be easily washed in the washing machine on a regular cycle. However, silk is a reputed delicate material that typically requires hand washing to preserve its delicate fibers. Drowsy's mulberry silk sleep masks are of the highest quality and are machine washing washable when placed on a delicate cycle. Naturally, they're still silk and need as much care as you can give them. After washing, gently remove excess water with a damp cloth, being careful not to wring the fabric. It's best to let your silk sleep mask air dry on a flat surface away from direct sunlight to maintain its shape and integrity. Following these steps below will ensure that your sleep mask remains in pristine condition, helping you enjoy uninterrupted sleep for years to come.. Naturally, they're still silk and need as much care as you can give them.


Unlike other materials like linen, cotton, and polyester, silk features hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. At the same time, silk isn't absorbent, so your natural body oils don't transfer to the fabric easily. This means you don't have to clean your silk eye mask so often, ultimately increasing its lifespan.

It's recommended to wash it when it begins to show small spots or stains. That's also a great choice for eco-conscious sleep lovers who want to save water. However, if you notice breakouts, itchiness, irritation, or sensitive skin, thoroughly clean your silk sleep mask every couple of days. And while you're at it, consider rotating between your favorite styles to keep things fresh and extend the wear of each mask. Our collection includes the elegant Black Jade sleep mask, the soothing Sunset Pink sleep mask, and the vibrant Green Sapphire sleep mask, along with many more colors to discover and match with your sleepwear or mood.


Regarding your silk eye masks, we always recommend hand washing instead of machine washing. However, if you're running out of time, use our three-step process to machine wash your sleep mask without damaging its delicate silk fibers:

  • Step 1: Use a pH-neutral mild detergent and/or fabric softener. We recommend Drowsy's Deep Shine Silk Mask Detergent. Silk is a natural fabric, and using a solution that is too acidic or alkaline can cause it to harden. Don't ever use bleach products.

  • Step 2: Temperature is a major factor in washing silk sleep masks effectively. Adjust it to 30°C or 85°F to maintain the silk's consistency. If your machine doesn't specify temperatures, set it to cold or one level above cold. We also recommend using a delicate bag in case your machine grabs items and tears them.

  • Step 3: Leave your silk sleep mask to air dry, laid flat in a ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight, which can fade, discolor, or age your mask. Also, don't tumble dry, which can cause wrinkles and creases on your freshly washed mask. Finally, ironing should be avoided, as it can burn the garment.


Here are our top tips for silk sleep mask care:

  • Wash your face before bed: cleansing your face removes oil and dirt that can transfer to your sleep mask. As a result, you keep it cleaner longer and reduce the need for frequent washing.

  • Store your silk face mask when not in use: keep your sleep mask in its protective case or bag to prevent dust from settling on it or sun exposure from damaging it.

  • Handle your eye mask gently: don't stretch or pull your silk sleep mask, as this can cause it to lose shape. Treat its elastic bands and fabric gently to keep enjoying the silk eye mask feeling.

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