Is lack of sleep thinning your hair?!

Have you ever found your brush bristling with more strands than usual, or perhaps, extracted a huge clump of hair from your shower drain? If so, you're not alone. Many believe hair loss is a problem only men face, yet it's a condition that impacts both genders. Surprisingly, 40% of women are also grappling with hair thinning and loss, debunking the myth that it's a male-only issue.


100 strands of hair each day, without any significant thinning visible, and it's quite common for hair shedding to increase with age in women. A variety of internal factors can lead to premature hair loss, including protein deficiencies, anaemia, thyroid issues, effects of chemotherapy, genetic predispositions, and insufficient vitamin levels. But, one of the top culprits behind hair loss is often chronic stress, which can drastically affect numerous bodily processes – yes, that includes sleep too!

You likely already understand the critical role sleep plays in managing stress levels. The hours we spend in slumber are crucial for the body's self-repair, as this time allows for cell rejuvenation and recovery. Skimping on sleep can upset the body's natural equilibrium, weaken the immune system, disrupt hormone levels, and take a toll on mental well-being. The process of hair growth is incredibly sensitive and can be easily thrown off balance, meaning any internal disruption can significantly affect the health of your hair.


At its core, stress triggers the release of adrenaline. When we're under significant stress, our bodies flood with adrenaline, prioritizing blood flow to essential areas for a rapid response or defense mechanism, known as the 'fight or flight' response. Consequently, the scalp is not considered critical in these high-alert situations, leading to diminished blood circulation there. This reduced scalp circulation can result in an increase in hair shedding.

Moreover, the negative impact of sleep deprivation extends to our immune systems. Have you ever noticed that skipping sleep for several nights often results in headaches, colds, or even flu? A lack of adequate rest can cause the immune system to mistakenly attack hair follicles, causing anything from dryness to patchy hair loss. Moreover, sleep deprivation hampers the body’s stem cell activity, which is vital for hair growth and occurs exclusively during sleep. The epithelial cells, essential for hair development, rely on the restorative power of sleep to function properly.


Fortunately, hair loss isn't always a permanent issue. If your family history doesn't include hair loss, and you've ruled out other serious health concerns, it's likely that your hair loss situation is temporary. Take a breath of relief! It's critical to be wary of the myriad "miracle" solutions flooding the market, claiming to reverse hair loss. The real solution often involves tackling the root causes of stress and reestablishing a healthy sleep routine. Drowsy was conceived from our own battles with chronic sleep deprivation, which took its toll on everything from our work life and personal relationships to our daily productivity and energy levels. We understand the importance of recapturing those vital 8 hours of sleep and attribute our success to prioritizing the three foundational aspects of sleep: engaging in relaxing pre-sleep rituals, cultivating an ideal sleep environment, and adhering to beneficial sleep practices. Our products are tailor-made to not only improve your sleep quality but also add a touch of luxury to your sleep experience.


We’re more stressed, anxious, under pressure and tired than ever before. Sleep for your mind, body and your hair has never been more important!

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