Crystals & Sleep. What’s the link?!

So today on the Sleep Lab we’re investigating something that’s shot up in popularity since the recent pandemic – that’s right, crystals…

Whether you believe in their powers for healing, restoration, and protection or just think they’re aesthetically pleasing, it’s official, crystals and the beauty & wellness industry are having a MOMENT. A quick refresher on what crystals actually do. On a spiritual level, each crystal is legendary for having its own energy and healing properties, but if you’re sceptical, each stone also has its own physical and chemical properties that cannot be ignored. You only have to take a quick scroll through social media to see beautifully refined facial tools or bra and homeware accessories popping up on shelfies and in selfies. The latest way people are applying crystals to their everyday life is, you’ve guessed it, to help them sleep and knew we had to investigate…

So, how (on earth) can a crystal aid sleep?!

If you’re a believer in the transformative power of crystals to change energy, then you’ll be already nodding your head emphatically – of course crystals can help you sleep. The logic behind it seems to stack up - if the energy in your home (or specifically your bedroom) is bad it’s going to affect how you interact with your space and ultimately your sleep. With this in mind, placing crystals in your bedroom will help to alter the atmosphere or energy in your space to make it more peaceful, therefore, encouraging a restful night’s sleep. It seems like many of us are subscribing to this way of thinking as there has been a meteoric rise in the demand for crystals since the outbreak of the pandemic and we suppose it can’t hurt to give it a go, right?!

The next logical question we can hear your shouting from your screens is – ok, but if different crystals have different properties and powers which ones specifically help with sleep?! The good news is there are only four to potentially cycle through: amethyst, selenite, rose quartz and sodalite…

Amethyst is universally known as one of the most powerful crystals you can get your hands on. It’s known for instilling calming energy and connects directly with the mind to soothe negative emotions – even easing depression and anxiety. If you’re suffering with a busy racing mind before bed, then Selenite could be the one to reach for. It’s supposedly fantastic at ridding a space of unhealthy negative thoughts and welcoming in a sense of peace and tranquillity. It can also help you let go and forgive. Perfect for if you’re often troubled by the same or similar trains of thought. Rose Quartz has traditionally been associated with the power of love and respect, so if the cause of your sleepless nights is heartache it can help to release painful memories and encourage self-love and forgiveness. Finally, Sodalite has often been connected to holistic treatment of insomnia due to it’s stress relieving qualities.

How do you use them?

There are a few ways you can incorporate crystals into your evening routine to try and get a head start on the best sleep of your life. Keeping your crystal of choice close is a commonly employed theme by many who swear by this unique approach to sleep therapy. You could place your crystals under your pillow, on your bedside table or pop on a piece of crystal jewellery. When kept in close proximity to you during the night, you will be able to continue to absorb their healing energy throughout the night.

Now if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that setting up healthy and regular sleep habits is one of the best ways to ensure you wind down effectively before trying to reach the land of nod. Incorporating mediation into your wind down routine is a well explored way to unwind and unpack the day. Meditating with a crystal in your hand as part of your evening routine is a great way to turn the self-care up a notch. Relaxing into your meditative state and switching off, combined with the calming powers of the crystal will allow your brain to drift into a state of peace before sleep. Finishing your meditation with a luxurious spritz of the Sleep Zen Pillow Spray perfectly rounds off the activity.

Taking this wind down routine back a couple of steps to your evening skincare routine can be a great way to incorporate a little bit of intention setting or positive affirmations before entering the bedroom. Taking a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and think about what might be preventing you from achieving a great night’s sleep seems counter intuitive but bear with us. Really try to tune into this emotion whilst holding your crystal and set a clear and concise intention. ‘This crystal will help me sleep better’ or ‘this crystal will stop me from waking up in the night’ are great options.

Whether it’s down to the crystals themselves or that better sleep is simply a by-product of improved sleep hygiene we won’t be able to tell for sure but what we can say is that it’s certainly worth exploring. Let us know if this is something you’ve tried and that works for you in the comments.

Sweet dreams!

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