Introducing Yoga’s (sleepy) little sister!

At Drowsy, we’ve always championed the benefits of a regular yoga routine for both physical and mental fitness. The advantages of traditional yoga are vast and well-documented, embodying the adage that a bit of physical activity and mental calmness can significantly enhance overall health. However, we understand that maintaining such a practice consistently may not suit everyone. Excitingly, there’s a fresh approach to yoga making waves for its innovative appeal. Imagine engaging in a yoga practice that allows you to stay nestled in your bed!

Introducing Yoga Nidra

(See our Youtube Yoga Nidra audio hosted by The Yoga Flow)


Yoga Nidra, also widely recognized as yogic sleep, stands out as a profoundly effective meditation strategy, notable for its ease of adoption and sustainability. If you're thinking, “Meditation hasn't worked for me,” give us a moment of your time. As you lie down in savasana (the pose of resting flat on your back, for the uninitiated), this meditation guides you gently but systematically through the self's five dimensions, ensuring each one is harmonized, culminating in a feeling of completeness and profound tranquility. Your role is simply to unwind and follow the soft directions as they are provided. Intriguing, isn’t it?

The concept of five layers or ‘koshas’ is central to the effective practice and benefits derived from Yoga Nidra.

1/5 The Physical Layer:

The initial layer, easily recognizable, pertains to the physical aspect of our being, encompassing muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. Identifying any discrepancies within this layer is straightforward since they can be directly observed or felt. Within a Yoga Nidra session, focus on this layer is achieved through techniques such as a body scan, where you'll be guided to sequentially relax various parts of your body. This process allows for the physical presence to gently fade from immediate consciousness, preparing for the transition to the subsequent layer...

2/5 The Energy Layer:

In traditional Yoga practices, the breath serves as the vehicle for energy movement within the body. To achieve equilibrium in this domain, the meditation invites you to engage in mindful observation of your breathing, noting each inhale and exhale closely. The goal is to let focusing on your breath facilitate the release of any energetic obstructions, promoting free energy flow throughout your body. As you advance in your practice, this energetic layer, much like the physical one, fades into the background.

3/5 The Mental / Emotional Layer:

The third layer, known as the ‘mind body’ or the emotional sheath, serves as the repository for our emotions. This layer often demands significant attention since it's common for individuals to suppress emotions, leading to their emergence as physical symptoms like anger, crying, or stress-induced headaches. Does this resonate with you? During the session, you're encouraged to observe sensations of either heaviness or lightness and to reflect on moments of calmness versus agitation. Consider it an emotional detox, bringing to light and then easing areas of emotional strain. As this emotional layer is acknowledged and nurtured, it gradually recedes from the forefront of our awareness…

4/5 The Higher Intelligence Layer:

Commonly known as the 'wisdom body' or the seat of your intuition and gut feelings, this layer can prove difficult to access. A method to approach it is by recalling an instance when you uttered a profoundly wise remark spontaneously and wondered, “How did I come up with that?” This instance exemplifies the wisdom body in action. During Yoga Nidra, engagement with this layer occurs through imaginative visualizations or narratives, inviting you to witness yourself in various situations.

5/5 The Bliss Layer:

At last, you encounter the most refined layer, remarkably straightforward in its essence: pure silence. Achieving this state is regarded by Yogis as a complete merger into an ecstatic, almost sacred condition. This phase is marked by a tranquil silence concluding the meditation, preceding a gentle reawakening from the meditative journey.

Given our fascination with everything related to sleep, it was inevitable for us to thoroughly explore its advantages…


As you might have surmised, the combination of relaxation and the prone position means Yoga Nidra is lauded for providing rest akin to a complete night’s sleep! It offers a level of restfulness and relaxation not typically achieved through conventional yoga or meditation practices. The techniques of body scanning and breath awareness, in particular, are effective in soothing the nervous system and alleviating stress. For those familiar with our dedication to enhancing your sleep quality, it’s clear we had to explore methods to integrate Yoga Nidra into your evening routines for optimal, rejuvenating sleep...

That’s why we’ve partnered up with award winning yoga teacher Jay from The Yoga Glow who has curated a bespoke Yoga Nidra practice for Drowsy entirely centred around getting you in the best space possible mentally and physically ahead of heading off to the land of nod. Just apply your Sleep Zen Pillow Spray, don your Silk Sleep Eye Mask, and settle into your bedding. Then, let Jay guide you through the meditation, setting the stage for a night of enhanced sleep quality!

See our Youtube Yoga Nidra audio hosted by The Yoga Flow.

Sweet (yogi) dreams.


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