The best lighting for a sleepy scene

The significance of lighting cannot be overstated. It possesses the power to influence our brain, shift moods, and create ambiance. Whether natural or artificial, light plays a crucial role in regulating our sleep patterns, impacting our well-being positively or negatively. Here, we present three tips to cultivate cozy, tranquil home lighting, along with some of our top lamp recommendations for enhancing sleep quality..

Tip 1: Choose warm white. 

You're probably familiar with the recommendations regarding screen usage: block blue light, activate night mode. Bright, blue-based light tends to stimulate our brains, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a hospital setting. For non-critical tasks like cooking or grooming, we suggest using warm white globes throughout your home. This choice creates a relaxed, cozy atmosphere conducive to tranquility.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Tip 2: Turn off your downlights, turn on your lamps.

From bedside lamps to standing fixtures, and even strategically placed uplights behind furniture, incorporating various lighting elements can cast a delightful evening glow throughout your home. Unlike downlights, which can be glaring and overly bright, lamps offer a softer and more inviting illumination. They are a simple yet impactful addition that can significantly enhance your living space.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Tip 3: Embrace the dimmers.

Did you know that with the appropriate globe and a dimmer switch, many lights can be transformed into dimmable ones? As the evening approaches, gradually dimming your lights to align with the fading daylight prepares you for the tranquility of darkness and a restful night's sleep.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Our favourite lamps

Casper Glow Light – a simple, self-dimming bedside lamp

Discover the versatility of Casper’s Glow Light, a compact yet ingenious addition to your bedtime routine. Emitting a soothing warm glow ideal for reading or unwinding, this light gradually dims itself until it gently fades away. Its portability ensures it can accompany you on nighttime journeys down the hall, while the accompanying app allows you to schedule its activation to gently rouse you in the morning.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Loftie Lamp – the designer choice backed by sleep science

For unparalleled ambiance, look no further than this lamp, which effortlessly combines modern aesthetics with iconic design. Beyond its stylish appearance, this lamp offers a sunset function that gradually dims the room, creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of dusk. With various light modes inspired by sunset views from around the globe, it caters to diverse preferences. Additionally, its red light mode promotes the production of melatonin, facilitating a natural transition to sleep. In the morning, experience a gentle awakening as the lamp slowly illuminates from the bottom, mimicking the sunrise.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

Phillips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light – the closest thing to sleeping like the sun

Phillips has always led the way in smart lighting solutions, especially in enhancing sleep quality. Their SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light stands out as an advanced bedside companion, offering personalized simulated sunset and sunrise experiences on a customizable schedule. With built-in soundscapes to promote relaxation and light-guided breathwork programs, it's a comprehensive tool for improving sleep. While it may not top the charts in terms of aesthetics, its functionality and effectiveness come highly recommended.

The best lighting for a sleepy scene

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