The best kind of skin care is sleep

The best kind of skin care is sleep

You recognize that unmistakable glow—a radiant complexion that demands compliments. It's a testament to well-hydrated, plump skin, often attributed to quality sleep. Research, along with countless personal accounts, underscores the pivotal role sleep plays in skin health. Conversely, sleep deprivation manifests as puffy eyes, dark circles, and a lackluster complexion. We've all experienced it, and it's a place we're determined to avoid revisiting.

Banish the dark circles and puffy eyes

The best kind of skin care is sleep

Dark circles and puffy eyes stem from excessive cortisol, the stress hormone. When sleep-deprived, cortisol levels surge in an attempt to compensate, leaving you and your eyes feeling strained.

The most effective remedy? A restorative night's sleep. Additional strategies include elevating your head with an extra pillow and applying something cool to your eyes. A chilled sleep mask straight from the fridge can provide blissful relief.

Keep that collagen coming

The best kind of skin care is sleep

Collagen serves as the guardian of skin plumpness and elasticity, warding off wrinkles and sagginess with its mighty presence. Research underscores sleep's active role in collagen production, revealing a startling fact: sleeping for merely five hours nightly could result in twice as many fine lines compared to a seven-hour sleep regimen. Instead of relying on collagen supplements, prioritize finding those extra hours of sleep to nurture your skin from within.

Get the skin glow-up you deserve

The best kind of skin care is sleep

During sleep, our skin undergoes a rejuvenation process, shedding fluids and toxins while engaging in repair. Insufficient sleep results in dull complexions and congested skin. By adopting healthy sleep habits and ensuring 7–9 hours of rest each night, you provide your skin with optimal care.

Just as you invest in skincare products like retinols, ceramides, and oils to combat stress and enhance radiance, it's equally vital to invest in quality sleep. The best part? Sleep comes at no cost.

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