The best kind of skin care is sleep

The best kind of skin care is sleep

You know that look, when someone looks so radiant you can’t help but tell them they’re glowing? Their skin looks fresh, hydrated, plump. And most likely, the reason for that, is great sleep. Research – and plenty of anecdotal evidence – tells us that sleep plays a significant role in how fresh and healthy our skin looks. And, indeed, how a lack of sleep presents itself with puffy eyes, dark circles, a dull complexion. We’ve all been there. And we don’t want to go back.

Banish the dark circles and puffy eyes

The best kind of skin care is sleep

Both dark circles and puffy eyes are a result of too much cortisol – the stress hormone. When you’re under-slept and over-tired, that cortisol floods your system to try and compensate. Leaving you, and your eyes, feeling strung out.

The easiest way to banish them for good, is with a proper night’s sleep. Some other tricks you can try include adding an extra pillow to elevate your head, and applying something cool to your eyes. A sleep mask straight out of the fridge can be glorious!

Keep that collagen coming

The best kind of skin care is sleep

Collagen is responsible for the plumpness and elasticity of our skin. It is the warrior we need to avoid wrinkles and sagginess as we age. Studies show that sleep actively promotes the production of collagen, and that only sleeping for five hours a night could lead to TWICE as many fine lines as if you were to sleep for seven hours a night. Forget the collagen supplements – just find an extra couple of hours in your sleep routine.

Get the skin glow-up you deserve

The best kind of skin care is sleep

While we sleep, our skin renews itself. It sheds fluids and toxins and goes into repair mode. So without proper sleep, we’re left with dull complexions and congested skin. With the right sleep habits and a solid 7–9 hours of shut eye, you’ll be giving your skin the best kind of care.

Just as you might invest in retinols, ceramides and oils to fight the stress and get the glow, it’s vital that you invest in good sleep. And the best thing about that? Sleep is free.

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