How to get the summer glow while you sleep

Sleep is a natural wonder. While we just lie there, our brains are taking stock of things, our muscles are working themselves right, and our skin is flushing the bad and plumping up the good. So we wake up each morning with a fresh glow, and a clear mind. How can you ensure that you’re getting enough quality sleep for it all to happen? Here are some research-backed tips, to get that glow while you sleep:

Sleep on silk

Summer is known to congest the skin and frizz the hair. But a silk pillowcase (which we recommend all year ‘round) is especially helpful for keeping everything cool and calm overnight.

Silk is moisture-wicking, so it will sweep the excess oils of sweaty summer nights away from your face. And because it’s so smooth, it won’t cause any friction as you move your head around, leaving your hair frizz-free.

If that wasn’t enough, silk is naturally temperature-regulating so it remains delightfully cool to the touch in summer. You’ll feel like you’re treating yourself every time you lay your head down.

Keep it dark

A decent night’s sleep is vital for lots of things – including mental health, immune system function and glowing skin. So the last thing you want is for an early sunrise to ruin the beauty sleep. Block-out blinds can help with that. But even better, a light-blocking sleep mask can help you block out all light sources (including a partner or housemate turning lights on before you’re ready), and lets you get quick access to morning light when it’s time – without having to get out of bed to open the blinds.

Build a ritual

Sleep time is for you. It really is the ultimate in self-care. So, why not really celebrate that with a pre-sleep ritual? Here’s our favourite:

Have a warm shower

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, a warm shower helps lower your core temperature, which gives you a fast-track to sleep mode.

Sniff some essential oils

Lavender is known to be the superhero for calming the nervous system, and promoting deep sleep. Our S.O.S. Pillow Spray features an array of sleep-inducing botanicals, including lavender. Want to take it a step further? Light a candle, too.

Give your face a hug, apply your skincare

Sleep is vital care for the skin, and your night-time serums, oils and creams will be happy to help as well. Remember, your skin will probably prefer lighter products in the summer. Pressing them in gently while in bed can feel like a nice little goodnight hug to your face.

Block out the world

Lastly, put your sleep mask on and say goodbye to the day. A fresh start awaits you in the morning.

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