How to get the summer glow while you sleep

Sleep, a marvel of nature, unfolds its wonders as we surrender to its embrace. While we rest, our minds meticulously organize, our muscles rejuvenate, and our skin undergoes a revitalizing process, discarding the undesirable and nourishing the beneficial. Consequently, each morning, we awaken adorned with a renewed radiance and clarity of thought. How can one safeguard the attainment of such revitalizing sleep? Delve into the following scientifically-proven recommendations to bask in the glow of restorative slumber:

Sleep on silk

Summer is notorious for causing skin congestion and hair frizz. But a silk pillowcase (which we recommend all year ‘round) is especially helpful for keeping everything cool and calm overnight.

Silk, with its moisture-wicking properties, effortlessly removes excess oils from sweaty summer nights, ensuring your face remains fresh. Moreover, its smooth texture eliminates friction, keeping your hair free from frizz as you toss and turn.

But wait, there's more! Silk's innate temperature-regulating abilities ensure a pleasantly cool sensation during summer nights. Each time you rest your head, it's as if you're indulging in a luxurious treat.

Keep it dark

A good night's sleep is essential for various aspects of well-being, from mental health and immune system function to achieving radiant skin. The last thing you need is an early sunrise disrupting your beauty rest. Block-out blinds offer a solution to this dilemma.But even better, a light-blocking sleep mask can help you block out all light sources (including a partner or housemate turning lights on before you’re ready), and lets you get quick access to morning light when it’s time – without having to get out of bed to open the blinds.

Build a ritual

Your sleep time is sacred—it's your ultimate form of self-care. Why not honor this precious time with a meaningful pre-sleep ritual? Here's our favorite suggestion:

Have a warm shower

Contrary to intuition, a warm shower aids in lowering your core temperature, swiftly easing you into sleep mode.

Sniff some essential oils

Lavender emerges as the ultimate superhero for soothing the nervous system and inducing profound sleep. Our S.O.S. Pillow Spray features an array of sleep-inducing botanicals, including lavender. Want to take it a step further? Light a candle, too.

Give your face a hug, apply your skincare

Sleep serves as essential care for your skin, and your night-time serums, oils, and creams play a crucial role in this process. During the summer, opt for lighter products to suit your skin's preferences. Gently pressing them into your skin before bed can feel like a comforting goodnight hug.

Block out the world

Lastly, put your sleep mask on and say goodbye to the day. A fresh start awaits you in the morning.

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