Night mask or blackout curtains: which is better?

Do you need to sleep in a dark atmosphere to get the best possible rest? Then you have a choice between using a night mask or a blackout curtain. Both can effectively block out light, allowing you to enjoy a good night's sleep. But which to choose for a good night's sleep? We tell you all about it.

The benefits of sleeping in the dark

Blackout curtains and night masks enable us to control the brightness of a room. And in the case of a bedroom, this can be essential to getting a good night's sleep without being disturbed by outside light.

Sleeping in the dark is good for your health. When there's no light, the brain produces melatonin, a hormone that reduces blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature. It also stimulates the immune system.

Daytime produces cortisol, the stress hormone. Sleeping in light is therefore not recommended, even at night. You undoubtedly have street lighting or simply the moon lighting up the sky.

So you need to reduce the brightness in your bedroom. And for this, you can choose between two well-known tools: the blackout curtain or the night mask.

The blackout curtain in detail

A blackout curtain is often the tool of choice for significantly reducing light in a room. Blackout curtains effectively preserve your privacy. They are also ideal for achieving total darkness in your room. You'll need to select a curtain with a tight weave to prevent light from filtering through. Dark colors are recommended. There are three types of blackout curtain: double curtains, curtain blinds and Japanese blinds.

Double curtains add character to your room, giving it a high-end decorative touch. Curtain blinds control light perfectly. Japanese blinds are very stylish.

If you opt for a blackout curtain, choose a model suited to your room. If your room is small, it's best to forget patterned curtains, reserved for spacious rooms. You'll also want to choose the right material. Above all, a blackout curtain needs to be thick. Its mass per unit area should be at least 250 g/m2. You can choose a curtain in linen and jacquard or taffeta to bring elegance to your room, or in velvet for its luxurious feel.

Night masks

Night masks offer many benefits for a good night's sleep. In fact, they are often considered a major contributor to improved sleep. They also provide a soothing sensation that is beneficial to sleep.

There are many different types of night mask. You'll find fabric masks, gel masks, masks with pads, heated masks and weighted masks.

Fabric masks are suitable for most people. Gel masks will keep you cool, lowering your body temperature for a better night's sleep. Heated, the mask is relaxing. Cushioned, the mask fits your face better and you'll find it more comfortable. Ballasted, they give you a feeling of heaviness that can help you calm down.

Choosing between night masks and blackout curtains

If you're on the fence between these two sleep-enhancing tools, here's some useful information.

The darker your sleeping space, the better you'll rest. So you'll have to choose between these two ways of making your space darker. This will help you achieve deep, restorative sleep.

Night masks have been found to play an important role in combating insomnia. A professor at the Royal Brompton Hospital Centre for Sleep in London found that wearing a night mask reduced the time spent awake in bed by 70%. It's also an excellent excuse not to have to keep opening your eyes, so you can sleep better.

Another advantage of the mask is that it prevents dry eyes. If you sleep in a dry room, your eyes may suffer from dryness. The mask provides protection. Eyelids are lubricated. Around the eye, the environment will be closed.

Masks can also be useful for the skin around the eyes. They protect against pillow rubbing, which can lead to wrinkles by damaging collagen.

Another benefit of the mask is that it helps you to relax. They also block harmful light (or blue light).

As you can see, the night mask has many advantages. So it's much more interesting than the blackout curtain, even if the blackout curtain can bring elegance to a room.

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