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We've handpicked a selection of our top-selling sleep aids designed for men, offering an infusion of luxury and a hint of indulgence to their nightly rituals. These selections promise to elevate their sleep experience to a level of unmatched, continuous bliss.

As the adage goes, old habits are tough to break, especially in the realm of sleep. Now, in 2023, the moment has arrived to revolutionize the bedroom routine.

Here are our top sellers for guys - 100% tried and tested, and they make the perfect gifts.

1. Black Jade Mulberry Silk Eye Mask $79

Our Black Jade silk eye mask embodies elegance and sophistication, channeling the sleekness of James Bond and the functionality of Jason Bourne. Offering complete blackout and sound-reducing capabilities, it's crafted from premium Mulberry silk. The fully adjustable head strap ensures a perfect fit for any head size.

2. Midnight Blue Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. $79
midnight blue eye mask silk mulberry drowsy

Time to retire the old and embrace the new with our signature Midnight Blue eye mask.

This iconic piece is the cornerstone of Drowsy Sleep Co., marking the beginning of our journey and continuing to be the favorite choice among our male clientele!

Experiencing the blues has never been more appealing. With this mask in place, the only inevitable conclusion as he lays down is a sound sleep.

Crafted from premium 22 Momme Mulberry silk, it's an essential accessory for every man's nightstand. Tailored for the adventurous and the ambitious, this mask is ready to accompany him on all his travels and endeavors. It comes with a sleek drawstring carry pouch, making it the perfect companion for both travel and domestic use.

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