Gifts for her

We’ve selected a few of our best selling sleep accessories for that special someone in your life, adding some much needed luxury and a touch of self-indulgence to her bedtime routine. Move out the way! Utterly glorious sleep incoming! 

Ready to shake things up in the bedroom this year? Well as Will Smith once famously said - “Let’s get’ Hyyge with it” (or something like that). 

Here are our top sellers for women - 100% tried and tested, and they make the perfect gifts.

1. Damask Rose Mulberry Silk Eye Mask $79

Does size really matter? When it comes to eye masks - yes! We’ve used over 2 meters of the finest Mulberry silk to sew this bad boy together. It wraps around your head with a fully adjustable head strap and is filled with cloud-like padding - as Vogue Willams said... “it’s a hug for your face.”

Say goodbye to unwanted baggage. Our eye masks are hypoallergenic and moisture retaining - so she will wake up with rejuvenated, dewy skin under her eyes every morning!

Need more ideas? Head over to our best-sellers page for our most in demand pieces.

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