Get the most out of your holiday glow

Just because the temperature is starting to drop and days are beginning to shorten… doesn’t mean your summer skin needs to wane with it. Keep the glow alive, and ride that summer skin high as long as possible with some easy tricks. It’ll make you feel better about the changing season, and help your skin transition out of the sweaty season better, too.

Glow from the inside

Helping your body flourish on a cellular level is naturally going to show in your skin (and hair, and whites of your eyes). So while you might not feel as thirsty when the temperature drops, keep up your two litres a day. And load up on some skin hero foods such as ginger, chia, oily fish and avocado, which are known to soothe skin, boost collagen and hydrate, respectively.

Nourish the outside

If your insides are glowing, next is to nourish the outside. Changing seasons can be a little rough on your skin. So give it the best treatment with good quality skincare. Oil-based cleansers are gentle (and great for all skin types – including oily!) to carry you through all seasons. Once you’ve cleansed at night, add your regular serums and a hydrating night cream. You can start to go a bit heavier with your night cream, if your skin dries out in the cooler months.

Sleep on silk

Don’t let that gorgeous, nourishing skin care end up smeared across your pillow. A silk pillowcase is non-absorbent, leaving the product – and moisture – on your skin (unlike, say, cotton). It also helps to wick away any unwanted oils, and keep your skin crease-free overnight.

And sleep some more

While we sleep, we shed fluids and toxins from our skin, and our cells go into repair mode. Quality sleep also boosts collagen production. So, getting a solid 7–9 hours overnight helps you wake up with fresh, plump, glowing skin in the morning, no matter what the season. Give your self the best chance, with a silk sleep mask.

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