Get the most out of your holiday glow

As temperatures cool and daylight hours shorten, don't let your summer skin fade away. Keep that radiant glow alive with some simple tricks to prolong the summer feeling. Not only will it lift your spirits during the transition to fall, but it will also aid your skin in adjusting from the humidity of summer to the drier air of autumn.

Glow from the inside

Supporting your body's cellular health naturally reflects in your skin, hair, and even the whites of your eyes. Despite the drop in temperature, maintaining your hydration levels remains crucial, so aim for two liters of water daily. Additionally, prioritize skin-nourishing foods like ginger, chia seeds, oily fish, and avocado, known for their ability to soothe skin, stimulate collagen production, and provide essential hydration.

Nourish the outside

After nurturing your inner glow, it's time to focus on nourishing your skin externally. The shift in seasons can take a toll on your skin, so pamper it with high-quality skincare products. Oil-based cleansers offer gentle cleansing suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, making them ideal for year-round use. Follow up your evening cleanse with your usual serums and a hydrating night cream. Consider opting for a richer night cream if your skin tends to dry out in cooler weather.

Sleep on silk

Don’t let that gorgeous, nourishing skin care end up smeared across your pillow. A silk pillowcase is non-absorbent, leaving the product – and moisture – on your skin (unlike, say, cotton). It also helps to wick away any unwanted oils, and keep your skin crease-free overnight.

And sleep some more

During sleep, our bodies undergo a rejuvenating process where fluids and toxins are shed from the skin, while cells engage in repair and renewal. Quality sleep is also essential for enhancing collagen production. Aim for a solid 7–9 hours of sleep each night to wake up with refreshed, radiant, and plump skin every morning, regardless of the season. Give your self the best chance, with a silk sleep mask.

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