Four luxury stays you deserve to see

Why let go of the carefree summer spirit just yet? Extend those sun-kissed vibes for a few more weeks and temporarily escape the looming change of season. Whether you're yearning to unwind from the whirlwind of summer festivities or simply craving a luxurious getaway, we've got you covered. Here are our top picks for late-summer trips to fabulous destinations that promise to rejuvenate your spirit.

Nômade Tulum, Mexico

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

Nômade Tulum offers a harmonious blend of jungle camp, beachside spa resort, and wellness retreat, creating an unparalleled sensory journey. Retreat to the luxurious safari tents nestled amidst lush greenery, complemented by the tranquil ambiance enhanced with a Moonlight Shadow sleep mask. Immerse yourself in the Sunday evening sound healing session, allowing the soothing sounds to envelop you in relaxation and self-care.

Why go now? Average September daily temperatures between 84 F and 88F guarantee idyllic beach downtime.

La Réserve, Paris

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

In the City of Lights, Paris, indulgence knows no bounds, and what better way to immerse yourself in luxury than with swathes of silk? Picture silk-clad walls enveloping you as you awaken to a direct view of the Eiffel Tower, gently lifting your silk mask from your eyes to reveal the beauty of the morning. When it comes to experiencing Paris in its full grandeur, there's simply no other choice than the lavish embrace of La Vie En Rouge.

Why go now? With the summer's tourist season on the wind-down, expect fewer queues and less restaurant disappointments. 

San Domenico Palace, Taormina

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

Step into the world of White Lotus Season Two at a 14th-century convent turned luxury hotel, elegantly overlooking the breathtaking Ionian Sea. Channel the allure of the surroundings with a Dusty Gold sleep mask, perfectly complementing the limestone cliffs below. Embrace the role and indulge in leisurely naps whenever the mood strikes, enveloped in opulence and serenity.

Why go now? Enjoy a bit more breathing room as locals go back to the office and kids back to school.

Calile Hotel, Brisbane (Australia)

Four luxury stays you deserve to see

For those seeking to prolong the summer vibes well into the winter months, look no further than this trendy hotel located in the capital of Australia's 'Sunshine State'. Be prepared to make a statement poolside while indulging in a luxurious nap with the Damask Rose Pipe Dreams mask. After all, if you're there to be seen, there's no need to be the one doing the looking.

Why go now? Not ready to give the summer up yet... there's no better place than the southern hemisphere.

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