Bundle - L' Amour Gold


✔︎ Big, squishy, cloud-like padding
✔︎ Total black-out design
✔︎ 22 momme, pure mulberry silk
✔︎ Fully adjustable head strap
✔︎ Hypoallergenic, moisturising & breathable

100% washable. Masterfully crafted by Drowsy for maximum comfy vibes. Wear this luxury silk mask for an uninterrupted beauty sleep every night. Provides the ultimate escape for weary eyes.

Our 22 momme silk is specially commissioned, made to our strict standards of quality manufacture. We rigorously develop the mask according to silk testing specifications of; shine, thickness, comfort, durability, touch and premium silk-sleep factor.

The luxury fabric has a cloud-like touch that instantly provides deep relaxation and comfort to skin. Renowned for its anti-ageing properties, silk helps retain skin moisture and provides a hypoallergenic effect.

Our pure midnight blue silk mask is wide cushioned and fully adjustable, so it effectively blocks out all sleep-interrupting light whilst delivering total comfort to weary eyes.

Beware of cheap imitations.