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Dream Deeply with Our Luxury Sleep Mask

Triple padded silk

Total Black-Out

Stays on all night

face-hugging design

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The Sleep Mask Everyone's Raving About
6 Reasons Why You Need Drowsy

Why did we make it so good? Because you deserve glorious sleep.

Sleep in total darkness

Wake up refreshed

Sleep longer

Experience deep relaxation

Wrap your face in silk

Stays on until you wake naturally

Unlock Blissful Z's
with Drowsy

Drowsy customers report an instant improvement in their sleep.

A cloud-like hug for your face. Masterfully crafted for maximum comfy vibes.

Blocks out 100% of sleep-interrupting light. Sensational for switching off from the world.

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200K+ Happy Beauty Sleepers

The Sleep Mask of Choice

(and with good reason)

Stays on all night


Full wrap-around

True blackout

22 Momme, Drowsy silk


Fall off easily

Thin & unpadded

Annoying ear strap

Light enters

Straps mark face

Thousands Can't Be Wrong: Try Drowsy
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Invest in Rest with Our Luxury Sleep Mask

Free Express Shipping Options | 60-Day Money Back