The Ultimate Pillow Selection Guidebook

The answer to the sleep you’ve been searching for could be lying where you least expected it - right under your head! If you’re going to invest in a sleep-worthy accessory, you might want to consider starting with your pillow. And when we say invest, we really mean it. It truly is worth going the extra mile to get a pillow that will give you the support that you need to sleep properly.

If you’ve got any sleep issues like sleep apnea, acid reflux or sore neck and back, then the motivation to invest in a pillow is even greater!

What Kind of Sleeper are you?

As a first step we recommend figuring out what kind of sleeper you are: do you favour the “starfish” over the “foetus”? Are you a spreader, or do you just lie on your back and stare into space? If you sleep on your side, make sure you select a pillow that supports you naturally without allowing your head to drop below the shoulder. Also if you tend to stay on your side, it could be worth pimping things up by placing a thinner pillow between your knees - this will keep your spine straighter and provide you with greater comfort.

If you're more the kind of person who lies flat on their back, then a higher pillow will cause spinal discomfort, so look for something thinner to keep you closer to the mattress. Likewise if you tend to “starfish” and lie on your stomach, then you may want to consider no pillow, or a very thin one just to prop you up slightly.

When it comes to filler, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. As a general rule, down offers greater comfort levels, but be sure to seek non allergenic alternatives if you suffer from allergies. Ideally it’s worth buying 2 - 3 pillows of different materials. We find that memory foam paired with down can work really well. More importantly having 2-3 good pillows gives you options to lay around with depending on your mood.

How much should I spend?

We recommend looking for pillows that are over the $100 mark. Whilst price is not everything it is a good starting indication of quality and will help get you in the right playing field.

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