How to sleep through the night without waking up

Every night you wake up at specific times, be it 1am, 3am, 5am… Why are you waking up? And how can you prevent this? We give you some useful tips to ensure a good night of sleep, or to fall back asleep very quickly after waking up. In the end, your improved sleep quality will enhance your health and your skin.

Why are you waking up during the night?

First of all, waking up in the middle of the night is a natural thing. Our ancestors would go to bed very early (after sunset) but didn't sleep ten hours straight. Like us, they needed only 8 hours of sleep. So, they would wake up around midnight usually and keep themselves busy for a couple of hours before going to sleep again.

Our modern world with electric lights and countless distractions makes us go to sleep as late as possible. We aim for 8 hours of sleep tops. However, our biology is the same as our ancestors', therefore we wake up easily during the night for multiple reasons.

The most common reasons why you wake up at night are a pressing need to use the bathroom, a disturbance (light, noise, movement), or perhaps sleep apnea. Each one of these reasons can be addressed. In case of sleep apnea, you need a doctor's appointment and a specific treatment.

Avoid using the bathroom during the night

And if you do still use the bathroom, try, and avoid turning on the light. Or use a dimmed warm light. Because if the light is too bright and too cold (white, blue), it will immediately disrupt your melatonin production and basically wake you up entirely. It may take an hour at least to go back to sleep.

Having to urinate is the most common cause why you wake up at night. If a doctor can eliminate any bladder issue, then it means you need to change your drinking habits. While it's absolutely recommended to drink lots of water during the day – for your health and your appearance – you need to watch what you drink and when you drink it.

Try and drink your last glass of water early, not right before bedtime. With some luck, you can eliminate that water before falling asleep. Of course, if you feel thirsty and have a dry mouth right before going to sleep, you can drink small quantities of water.

Some foods and drinks are diuretic, which means they make you pee more often. If you wake up too often to use the toilet, then you need to identify the causes. Tea is well-known to be diuretic, same as alcoholic beverages. Some foods are also diuretic, such as fennel, spinach, zucchini, and leek – among others. Yes, these are very healthy foods, but a good night of sleep is even healthier.

Reduce disturbances during the night

Eliminate disturbing movements

If you're sleeping in the same bed as another person, such as your spouse, this can cause trouble. Some people move a lot during their sleep, or also wake up to use the bathroom. If you are sleeping on the same mattress, you will feel it move every time and this can wake you up. The solution is simple: use a separate mattress for each sleeper. You may also use twin beds, to completely isolate the mover. The mere expectation to be woken up during the night can cause stress and reduce your sleep quality. By neutralizing this expectation, you will fall asleep sooner.

Reduce exposure to noises

The other person sleeping in the same room as you tends to snore or perhaps to talk while asleep? If adequate treatment fails, you may have to resort to earplugs. After a while you get used to those, and they effectively isolate you from these unwanted noises. If the disturbing noises are coming from outside, invest in good insulation (windows, walls) and a mechanical cooling system to avoid having to sleep with your windows open. On the other hand, a white noise, such as a fan, can be very effective at blocking other noises and helping you sleep.

Sleep in complete darkness

Outside lights, like car headlights, lightning, or the early morning sun in spring and summer, can interrupt your sleep. Inside your room, even a smartphone lighting up or a standby light can be enough to wake you.

A great way to block out these lights is by using an eye mask, especially a silk one that's gentle on your skin. You can even put hydrating creams under the mask to nourish your skin overnight. With a good night's sleep and this skin treatment, you'll wake up looking great and feeling ready to tackle the day with energy and a bright smile.

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