How to wind down a busy brain

Inner peace for sleep - 3 steps

Worrying is an intrinsic part of our human experience, amplified by the myriad concerns of modern life. Its efficacy is up for debate, its control elusive. However, one thing remains within our grasp: the power to choose when to worry.

Self-discipline is paramount. Sleep is sacrosanct. At Drowsy, we advocate for a firm stance against worries. Two hours before bedtime, institute a ritual: jot down every nagging thought, regardless of its gravity.

Once penned, let them rest until dawn breaks anew.

It's remarkably cathartic, granting you a serene slumber, reassured by the knowledge that every concern is safely ensconced on paper.

Inner peace for sleep - 3 steps

Worrying is what makes us human.  And nowadays we have a lot of reasons to be worried. Will it help? It's debatable. Can we control it? Not always. But can we choose when to worry? Yes.

You need to be strict with yourself. Sleep is sacred. At Drowsy we recommend a hard stop for worries. 2 hours before bed we write down everything that’s on our minds. It doesn’t matter how silly it seems.
Once you’ve written down your worries, leave them there until tomorrow.

It’s unbelievably therapeutic, and you’ll find you sleep soundly, knowing everything that was on your mind, is now on paper.

Inner peace for sleep - 3 steps

Prepare yourself by finding a cozy position, gently shut your eyes, and release a deep exhale. Inhale softly through your nostrils, counting to four in your mind. Hold your breath for a serene seven seconds, allowing tranquility to envelop you. Then, exhale audibly through your mouth for a count of eight, releasing any tension with each breath.

Repeat this sequence 3-4 times, allowing the rhythmic pattern to guide you into a state of profound relaxation, alleviating the burdens of the day and preparing you for restful slumber.

Inner peace for sleep - 3 steps

Stress manifests not only in the mind but also in the body, tightening our muscles and hindering relaxation. Counteract this with gentle stretching to alleviate tension. Follow it up with a luxuriously long, hot shower accompanied by the soothing glow of a drowsy candle, letting the stress melt away.

The potent combination of calming fragrance and warm water is the ultimate prelude to a peaceful slumber.

Remember, sleep transcends mere necessity; it's an essential act of self-care. Prioritize sleep, and you'll awaken the best version of yourself.

I trust you found this advice beneficial and wish you rejuvenating sleep every night.

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